Fraternal Greetings and
WELCOME to our Home Page

Very Eminent Preceptor 2017
David T. Arnold, PEC, KTCH

Meets twice annually, usually in concurance with St. Giles Conclave, RCC.
In October to conduct business and elect candidates,
and the 2nd Saturday in December to confer the Order.

Very Eminent Preceptor David T. Arnold, PEC, KTCH
Deputy Preceptor Thomas E. Liles, PGC
Treasurer/Registrar T.J. Henwood, PEC, KCT
7th Pillar Ronald P. Schmidt, PGC,KCT
6th Pillar W. Paul Wilson, PEC, KTCH
5th Pillar Samuel D. Lattin, PEC
4th Pillar George K. Coffman, PEC, KTCH, PGM of AR
3rd Pillar Silas Wilason, PEC, KTCH
2nd Pillar Paul Craig, PEC
1st Pillar Daniel White, PEC
Inner Guard Michael Lockhart, PEC
Outer Guard David B. Bassett, VE Dep. Gr. Commander
Director of Work T.J. Henwood, PEC, KCT, Past Preceptor
Treasurer/Registrar Emeritus Royce H. Taylor, HPGC, KTCH

Conferral on 12/10/2016 Class: (L-R)
C.S. Walker, PGC; Doug McConnell, PEC; Joseph T. Clements, HPGC, VEP-2016;
Ronnie Frizzell, PEC; Michael McNair, PEC.

For Official Information
T. J. Henwood, KC
P.O. Box 6681, Sherwood, AR 72124-6681

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