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Very Eminent Preceptor
LeRoy D. Kifer - 2017-2018

2017-2018 OFFICERS
Preceptor LeRoy D. Kifer
Deputy Preceptor Terry L Loper
Treasurer Leland L Burlison, KC
Registrar Leland L Burlison, KC
7th Pillar Charles C Clarage
6th Pillar Edward J Mitchell
5th Pillar John M Pratt
4th Pillar Henry J Buchman
3rd Pillar Clinton H Cagle
2nd Pillar Kristoffer A Pillar
1st Pillar Jeff L Lancelle
Inner Guard Jacob A Lancelle
Outer Guard John S Jenks

Living Past Preceptors
Robert W Atchison 1997
Bruce R Beyreis 1998
Wayne K Hendrick 2003
Robert Siebelink, Sr 2006
Leland Burlison 2008
Jack R Hetcher 2009
Kenneth A Bales 2010
Parker W Dow 2011
James O Myrhum 2012
Jonathan D Wood 2013
Bill Drecktrah 2014
Theodore E Goeden 2015
Moses H Adams2016

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